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Sep 30, 2012 5:30pm PDT
at the end of the game that is more like it. according to jim harbough. >> when your players said more like it, what did they mean by it? >> i understand they said that do you know what it meant? >> more like like it. >> more like it than what? >> that's more like it. they were pleased with themselves, job well done that is the way i took it. >> that's more like it. [ laughter ] >> okay. the raiders had won 4 straight in denver looking to make it 5 after last week's thriller over the steelers opening drive. peyton manning, does not look like he lost any arm strength to me. going 7-0 broncos. raiders down 10-3 before the half. palmer to moore. 37 yards, look at the huge open field tackle, saves the touchdown. they trail 10-6. the 3rd quarter, they all fell apart. 17 yard score to make it 17-6. manning, over three00 yards and three touchdowns on the afternoon. the second half, a debacle. blocked by david bruteon. can not blame a long snap or that one, you can? mcgahee gets it out. 112 yards rushing. denver, 505 yards of over fence. out scored the raiders. 37-six 6. >>> if you have not caught
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1